How a Virtual Assistant can help your business

How a Virtual Assistan Can help your business_GN asistente virtual

I noticed that when some business owners realise they can’t keep up doing EVERYTHING and need an extra hand, even if they know of the existence of Virtual Assistants, they don’t know where to start, what to delegate and how the relationship with the Virtual Assistant will be. And that alone can detract them from getting the help they need.

That’s why I decided to write a series of blog posts to help you answer these questions and reveal the mystery behind working with a Virtual Assistant.

In this post, I talk about how exactly I can help you and your business, what tasks I can do for you and how I can help you have more time in your day. I always talk from my perspective because every Virtual Assistant offers different services. 

Let me walk you through some examples of how your days could be if we worked together.

here to help
here to help_GNasistentevirtual_virtualassistant

E-mail management 

You can start your working day by checking your e-mail inbox but instead of replying to every single e-mail, you can choose to respond to those that require your personal touch and select those that could be replied to by your Virtual Assistant.

Maybe you feel more comfortable if you and your Virtual Assistant previously create together templates that can be used in situations like these.

Alternatively, you can create a special e-mail account, for example, or where you can direct enquiries about your business and that can be managed by your Virtual Assistant so will receive fewer e-mails in your inbox and feel more decluttered since the morning.

Expenses and payments’ follow up

I know that having to follow up on expenses and payments is not your core business (unless you are a Tax Advisor) but it needs to be done. Your financial health depends on being tidy with your money and aware of your cash flow. Believe it or not, I like doing it!

So, I can invoice your clients, send them the invoices and follow up on the payment so you can focus on providing your services and not on if you got paid or if you forgot to invoice a client.

Also, I can check your expenses and create a sheet so you can keep track of them at a glance.

I can also create an electronic folder with the documents you need to send to your Tax Advisor and share it with him/her for your quarterly or yearly tax return.

PowerPoint and Canva Presentations

I am sure you will need a business presentation at some point, whether it is to present your services to potential clients, for a webinar or a video, I can help you with it.

Maybe you need to start from scratch or you have it already but would like to make adjustments to the style, wording or structure. I can do all that for you and send you updates for your revision so you don’t lose control but don’t have to invest your time doing it.

Travel and flight search

Maybe you have a business trip you have to do or a holiday trip you would like to do with your family or friends but you don’t have the time to look for information about possible destinies, flights options, accommodation, etc. I can check out the information for you and send you a few options on a chart so you can see the information clearly without having to spend hours on it.

Website and Social Media

Like it or not you need to be on Social Media and the internet if you want your business to grow. And not only you need to have the right information attract the right followers, but you also need that information to be updated with the changes to make to your services and products. 

I can help you create images for your Social Media, source images to use in your posts, post regularly to keep your presence, etc.

I can also update your website’s information so you maintain coherence in your message.

These are just examples of ways I can help you have a more productive day so you can reach your goals.

My goal is to help you achieve yours.

Was this post helpful? How do you think a Virtual Assistant can help you? Would love to read your thoughts.

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